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About the Wellness Hub

Welcome to Thompson Health Wellness Hub! A Free Community Wellness Program.

The Wellness Hub is one stop for local and national health information. 

Our culture is gravitating toward a world in which we are taking responsibility for our health. As individuals, we really are in control of so many of the things that influence whether we're healthy or not, and through Wellness Hub, Thompson wants to provide even more opportunities for us as individuals to learn and grow.
In keeping with Thompson's mission to continuously improve the health of the residents in the Finger Lakes, Wellness Hub encourages a healthy lifestyle by providing ways to empower yourself when it comes to your health.
Whether it's educational events, health screenings, support groups, newsletters, or blogs, we have many resources to offer and we're excited to bring them all together within the "hub."

To sign up for Wellness Hub and begin getting the scoop on healthy living as well as the savings through the rewards program, complete the registration form below.

We hope you enjoy Thompson Health’s Wellness Hub and hope to see you at a “Hub” event in the near future!



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The Wellness Hub is one more way we are helping the community learn about healthy living through education combined with entertainment!

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