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Even Preschoolers Can Help Save a Life, Heart Experts Say

Even Preschoolers Can Help Save a Life, Heart Experts SayTHURSDAY, May 18, 2023 (HealthDay News) -- If you're old enough to dial 911, you're old enough to be a lifesaver.Building lifesaving skills can start as young as age 4 and be expanded over the years, the American Heart Association and others advise in a new scientific statement.Children can be adept at these actions by middle school if they start learning basic lifesaving skills early, when they’re highly motivated to do so.A 4-year-old who can identify when to call an emergency telephone number becomes a 10-year-old who may begin to perform effective chest compressions, according to the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR), the American Heart Association and the European Resuscitation Council.This group of scientists reviewed more than 100 research articles about...

For Kids in Poorer Neighborhoods, a Move Can Ease Asthma

17 May 2023
For Kids in Poorer Neighborhoods, a Move Can Ease AsthmaWEDNESDAY, May 17, 2023 (HealthDay News) -- Kids whose families left distressed neighborhoods had significantly fewer severe asthma attacks, with improvements greater even than those seen with medication.New research found that children whose families participated in a program that enabled them to move to areas with less poverty, and better schools and parks had about 50% fewer severe attacks.After moving, there were about 40 severe asthma attacks per year for every 100 children, compared to 88 before the move.“That degree of improvement is larger than the effect we see with asthma medications,” said senior study author Dr. Elizabeth Matsui, a professor of population health and pediatrics at Dell Medical School of the University of Texas at Austin. “We were also surprised to find...

How Healthy Is a Vegan Mom's Breast Milk?

17 May 2023
How Healthy Is a Vegan Mom`s Breast Milk?WEDNESDAY, May 17, 2023 (HealthDay News) -- Vegan moms can breastfeed their children and not worry that their breast milk is missing essential nutrients, a new study finds. Researchers from Amsterdam University Medical Center in the Netherlands tested the milk of vegan mothers, finding it contains sufficient levels of vitamin B2 and carnitine. “The maternal diet greatly influences the nutritional composition of human milk, which is important for child development. With the rise of vegan diets worldwide, also by lactating mothers, there are concerns about the nutritional adequacy of their milk," said lead researcher Dr. Hannah Juncker. "Therefore, it would be important to know if the milk concentrations of those nutrients are different in lactating women consuming a vegan diet,” she...

Talking to Your Toddler Could Bring Real Benefits to...

16 May 2023
Talking to Your Toddler Could Bring Real Benefits to Their BrainTUESDAY, May 16, 2023 (HealthDay News) -- When parents talk to their toddlers, they are not only teaching them words, but may be shaping their developing brains, too, a new study suggests.Researchers found that toddlers whose parents spent a lot of time talking to them day to day showed a particular brain characteristic: a greater concentration of myelin in language-related parts of the brain.Myelin is a protective layer of protein and fat that wraps around nerve fibers in the brain, helping to speed the transmission of electrical signals through them.The new findings suggest that when toddlers are exposed to more chat, their brains accumulate myelin more rapidly than youngsters who hear fewer words."Myelination of the brain is really important, as it makes communication between brain...

Almost All TikTok Videos About Vaping Promote It

16 May 2023
Almost All TikTok Videos About Vaping Promote ItTUESDAY, May 16, 2023 (HealthDay News) -- TikTok content overwhelmingly promotes vaping, putting young users at potential risk of e-cigarette use, according to researchers in Australia.The popular social media platform's own policies on promoting e-cigarette use are often violated, their new study shows.“Our study explored how e-cigarettes are promoted on TikTok, to assess the effectiveness of the platform’s own ‘drugs, controlled substances, alcohol and tobacco policy,'" said researcher Jonine Jancey, of the Curtin School of Population Health in Perth. “The sheer amount of potentially harmful content being fed to young people on TikTok shows self-regulation is failing.”The findings show the dangers of letting social media platforms create and enforce their own content...

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