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Are Standard Tests Accurate at Spotting Concussion?

Are Standard Tests Accurate at Spotting Concussion?TUESDAY, April 5, 2022 (HealthDay News) -- Outdoor sports season is nearly here, and with rough play comes the risk of concussion.But one of the most-used tools to assess sports-related concussion from the sidelines isn't as precise as one might like, a new study argues.Intense exertion from playing sports could cause some of the symptoms listed on the Sports Concussion Assessment Tool-3rd Edition (SCAT3), researchers found in a study of rugby players."Some of them can have a high symptom severity score which is not related to a head impact," said lead researcher Stephanie Iring, a doctoral student at Rutgers University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences in Newark, N.J. "It's related more to the fatigue that they experience or other bodily injury that they might have...

Half of Americans Now Think Playing Football...

4 April 2022
Half of Americans Now Think Playing Football `Inappropriate` for Kids: SurveyMONDAY, April 4, 2022 (HealthDay News) -- As sign-ups for youth football get underway this spring, a new study reveals that Americans may love their football, but half now believe that kids should not play the tackle version of the game.The researchers found that of nearly 4,000 U.S. adults surveyed, only 45% agreed that tackle football is an "appropriate sport for kids to play." Half disagreed, while the remaining 5% were unsure.The survey did not dig into the reasons behind those opinions. But it's likely that safety concerns were a big factor, said researcher Mariah Warner, a doctoral student in sociology at Ohio State University, in Columbus.The biggest worry with football, she noted, is concussion — and whether repeat knocks to the head could put young players at risk of...

Does Your City Park Make the '25 Happiest' List?

31 March 2022
Does Your City Park Make the `25 Happiest` List?THURSDAY, March 31, 2022 (HealthDay News) -- Taking a stroll through a city park can give your mood a significant boost, but parks in some cities provide a bigger benefit than those in others, researchers say.In a new study, investigators measured the happiness effect of city parks in the 25 most populous U.S. cities and found that it was roughly equal to the mood boost experienced on holidays like Thanksgiving or New Year's Day."These new findings underscore just how essential nature is for our mental and physical health," said Taylor Ricketts. He is director of the Gund Institute for Environment at the University of Vermont (UVM), in Burlington. "These results are especially timely given our increased reliance on urban natural areas during the COVID pandemic."For the study, the...

You've Had Foot Surgery: How Long Until You're Active Again?

25 March 2022
You`ve Had Foot Surgery: How Long Until You`re Active Again?FRIDAY, March 25, 2022 (HealthDay News) -- Most people who have had major foot surgery are able to return to the activities they enjoy, but it may take a long time, new research suggests.The study included 82 adult patients who had surgery to correct a form of "flatfeet" called progressive collapsing foot deformity."[It's] a debilitating condition marked by several progressive deformities that require a combination of extensive reconstructive procedures, from cutting and reshaping bones in the foot to rerouting tendons in the fallen arch," said senior researcher Dr. Scott Ellis. He is an orthopedic surgeon at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. "Although patients can expect to eventually resume at least light to moderate physical activity, the recovery period can take...

Experts Outline Health Guidelines for Cancer Survivors

22 March 2022
Experts Outline Health Guidelines for Cancer SurvivorsTUESDAY, March 22, 2022 (HealthDay News) -- A healthy diet and regular exercise are crucial for the long-term health of cancer survivors, a new American Cancer Society (ACS) guideline emphasizes."The link to a healthy diet and regular exercise in long-term cancer survival has become even more clear during the last several years," said Dr. Arif Kamal, chief patient officer at the cancer society. "We encourage all survivors to work with their care team to develop a program tailored to their individual needs, especially if they are experiencing symptoms or side effects that interfere with their ability to eat well or be active."The cancer survival rate in the United States is 68%, and there are 16.9 million cancer survivors nationwide.The 2022 Nutrition and Physical Activity Guideline for...

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