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Want to Live Longer? Exercise Is Key, Study Confirms

Want to Live Longer? Exercise Is Key, Study ConfirmsTUESDAY, July 26, 2022 (HealthDay News) -- Middle-aged people could add years to their lives just by getting off the couch and going for a walk every day -- though it wouldn't hurt to do even more, a large new study suggests.The researchers followed over 100,000 Americans for decades and found what many have shown before: People who exercise as much as health experts recommend tend to live longer.According to those recommendations, adults should strive to exercise moderately for 150 to 300 minutes a week, through activities like brisk walking. The other option is to go for sweatier activities, like jogging or biking at a fast clip, for 75 to 150 minutes each week. In this study, middle-aged people who met those goals were about 20% less likely to die over the next 30 years.But while...

More Evidence Fitness Trackers Can Boost Your Health

26 July 2022
More Evidence Fitness Trackers Can Boost Your HealthTUESDAY, July 26, 2022 (HealthDay News) -- Your fitness tracker, pedometer or smartwatch may motivate you to exercise more and lose weight, Australian researchers say.In a large research review, the investigators found that tracking your activity might inspire you to walk up to 40 minutes more a day (about 1,800 more steps). And those extra steps could translate to the loss of more than two pounds over five months."In the mainstream media, there can be a lot of skepticism about wearable activity trackers, such as whether they make any difference and whether they even have negative impacts, such as making people feel guilty," said senior researcher Carol Maher. She is a professor of population and digital health at the University of South Australia, in Adelaide. "Our review didn’t...

Summer Swim? Watch Out for 'Swimmer's Ear'

23 July 2022
Summer Swim? Watch Out for `Swimmer`s Ear`SATURDAY, July 23, 2022 (HealthDay News) -- When weather gets hot and people start jumping into a pool, lake or ocean, cases of swimmer’s ear are likely to climb, but one expert says there are steps you can take to avoid the painful condition.The best prevention is a simple one: avoid getting water in your ears, said Dr. Hongzhao Ji, an assistant professor of otolaryngology–head and neck surgery at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, in Dallas.If water is already in your ear, getting it out can help, but Ji advises against using a cotton swab, which can push earwax deeper and may scratch the ear canal skin. One option is to use ear drops after swimming. Drops are usually a combination of alcohol and vinegar meant to sterilize the ear canal and restore its desired pH....

Exercise, Puzzles, Games: They Help Men's, Women's...

21 July 2022
Exercise, Puzzles, Games: They Help Men`s, Women`s Brains DifferentlyTHURSDAY, July 21, 2022 (HealthDay News) -- Exercising your body and mind can help stave off memory problems as you age, and some of these benefits may be even greater for women, a new study suggests.The study looked at cognitive reserve, or the brain’s ability to withstand the effects of diseases like Alzheimer’s without showing a decline in thinking or memory skills.Women, but not men, had greater cognitive reserves if they exercised regularly and took classes, read or played games. Taking part in more mental activities improved thinking speed for both women and men.“Begin building that cognitive reserve now, so the money is in the bank for down the road if our brains need it,” said study author Judy Pa. She is the co-director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study...

Post-Workout Sauna Might Boost Your Health Even More

21 July 2022
Post-Workout Sauna Might Boost Your Health Even MoreTHURSDAY, July 21, 2022 (HealthDay News) -- Next time you work out, maybe take a 15-minute sauna when you’re done for extra heart health benefits.That's the main finding of research out of Finland. It found taking a sauna confers additional cardiovascular benefits over exercise alone.The new study didn’t look at how saunas can boost heart health, but other studies have elucidated these benefits. It has been shown "that some of the cardiovascular responses from sauna bathing are comparable to moderate intensity exercise, at least acutely,” said study author Earric Lee, a researcher in the faculty of sport and health sciences at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland. The sauna is an integral part of Finnish culture, and there are more saunas than cars in Finland, he said.People...

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