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Baby's Meningitis Case Highlights Growing Danger of Antibiotic Resistance

Baby`s Meningitis Case Highlights Growing Danger of Antibiotic ResistanceFRIDAY, Aug. 7, 2020 (HealthDay News) -- Antibiotic-resistant bacteria affected the treatment of meningitis at a major children's hospital in Washington, D.C. This single case at Children's National Hospital raises concerns about drug resistance in the common bacterium that caused the infection, and researchers say it could change lab and clinical procedures around the world. Normally, when doctors first suspect meningitis in children, they usually give the broad-spectrum antibiotic ceftriaxone, which acts against a wider range of disease-causing bacteria. When the meningitis organism is identified through lab tests, penicillin or ampicillin are used, the researchers explained. People who have had close contact with the patients are also given ciprofloxacin as a precaution. In...

Simple Test Shows Which Face Masks Are Best

7 August 2020
Simple Test Shows Which Face Masks Are BestFRIDAY, Aug. 7, 2020 (HealthDay News) -- When it comes to face masks, not all are equally effective, a new study finds. Duke University researchers developed a way of testing various types of masks to see which did the best job of stopping droplets coming from people's mouths, preventing spread of the new coronavirus. They relied on a makeshift apparatus consisting of a box, a laser, a lens and a cellphone camera. "We confirmed that when people speak, small droplets get expelled, so disease can be spread by talking, without coughing or sneezing," said Martin Fischer, a chemist and physicist at the Durham, N.C., campus. "We could also see that some face coverings performed much better than others in blocking expelled particles." What masks do the best job? That would be N95 masks...

As in Adults, Minority Kids Hit Hardest by COVID-19

7 August 2020
As in Adults, Minority Kids Hit Hardest by COVID-19FRIDAY, Aug. 7, 2020 (HealthDay News) -- U.S. minorities have been particularly hard-hit by the coronavirus pandemic, and a new study suggests kids are no exception. Researchers found that at one community testing site, nearly half of Hispanic children and teens were positive for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The same was true of 30% of Black kids. The rate among white kids hovered around 7%. At this point, racial disparities in the U.S. pandemic are well-documented -- at least among adults. "But those adults also live with children," said lead researcher Dr. Monika Goyal. Her team's findings -- published online Aug. 5 in Pediatrics -- offer a glimpse at how the pandemic is disproportionately affecting kids and teens, as well. What the study cannot discern is why,...

Odds of Pregnancy in IVF Same With Frozen or Fresh...

7 August 2020
Odds of Pregnancy in IVF Same With Frozen or Fresh Embryos: StudyFRIDAY, Aug. 7, 2020 (HealthDay News) -- Whether a frozen or fresh embryo is transferred during fertility treatments, the odds of pregnancy are roughly the same, according to a new Danish study involving nearly 500 women. Fresh embryo transfer, however, should still be the gold standard in assisted reproduction for women, the research team said. There was one exception to that rule, however: Women who are at risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome -- a painful response to the use of excess hormones in fertility treatments. Using only frozen embryos (a "freeze-all" strategy) during procedures such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) has become more common, noted researchers led by Sacha Stormlund, of the fertility clinic at Hvidovre University Hospital, in Copenhagen. But the new...

Pizza Study Shows Body's Resilience to 'Pigging Out'

7 August 2020
Pizza Study Shows Body`s Resilience to `Pigging Out`FRIDAY, Aug. 7, 2020 (HealthDay News) -- Ever felt guilty for that occasional binge on high-calorie, fatty foods? Relax: A new study of folks overindulging on pizza finds that if you're healthy and you don't 'pig out' regularly, your body deals with it just fine. British researchers looked at the effects of eating until not just full, but so full that the participants could not take another bite. Then, they tested the blood of the 14 healthy young men who participated in the study to determine whether there were any changes in blood sugar, blood fats, insulin and other hormones. The team discovered that even when the men had eaten double the amount of pizza that it would take to make them comfortably full, their blood tests showed no negative consequences. "I think that's the...

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