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EPA Awards $58 Million to Help Schools, Daycare Centers Remove Lead From Drinking Water

EPA Awards $58 Million to Help Schools, Daycare Centers Remove Lead From Drinking WaterTUESDAY, July 25, 2023 (HealthDay News) -- The Biden administration on Monday awarded $58 million in grants to help schools and daycare centers remove lead from drinking water.The announcement came during an event in Boston.“I am excited to join local leaders in Boston to announce $58 million in grant funding that can be used to test for lead in drinking water, identify potential sources, and remove those sources to better protect our nation’s children,” EPA Assistant Administrator for Water Radhika Fox said in an agency news release. “Reducing lead in drinking water is a top priority for the Biden-Harris Administration and EPA is taking a holistic approach — harmonizing drinking water standards with historic infrastructure investments under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law...

Milk Alternatives Don't Always Measure Up to Milk

25 July 2023
Milk Alternatives Don`t Always Measure Up to MilkTUESDAY, July 25, 2023 (HealthDay News) -- If you’re drinking soy, oat or almond milk, you may not be getting the same nutrients as you would with a glass of cow’s milk.A new analysis of more than 200 plant-based milk alternatives found that few contain the calcium, vitamin D and protein that can be found in cow’s milk.Only 12% of the alternative milk products studied had comparable or greater amounts of all three nutrients, the University of Minnesota study showed.“Our results provide evidence that many plant-based milk alternatives are not nutritionally equivalent to cow’s milk,” said Abigail Johnson, associate director of the University of Minnesota School of Public Health Nutrition Coordinating Center. “Based on these findings, consumers should look for plant-based...

Omega-3s May Keep Your Hearing Sharp

24 July 2023
Omega-3s May Keep Your Hearing SharpMONDAY, July 24, 2023 (HealthDay News) -- More omega-3 fatty acids in your diet might prevent hearing loss as you age, researchers report.Low levels of the omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are linked to hearing loss in middle and old age, according to findings slated for presentation Monday at a meeting of the American Society for Nutrition, in Boston.Middle-aged and older adults with higher DHA levels, however, were 8% to 20% less likely to have age-related hearing issues than those with lower DHA levels, researchers said."Animal models suggest maternal omega-3 fatty acid deficiency alters offspring hearing development, and long-term omega-3 supplementation may be protective for cochlear metabolism and reduce progression of hearing loss," said study leader Michael...

Olive Oil a Powerful Prescription Against Dementia

24 July 2023
Olive Oil a Powerful Prescription Against DementiaMONDAY, July 24, 2023 (HealthDay News) -- People looking to stay mentally sharp as they age might want to swap out margarine for olive oil, a preliminary study suggests.The study, of more than 90,000 U.S. health professionals, found that olive oil lovers were less likely to die of dementia over the next three decades.Compared with their counterparts who rarely used olive oil, those who consumed more than a half-tablespoon a day were 28% less likely to die of dementia.Based on the researchers' estimates, a small diet change could make a significant difference: Trading in one daily teaspoon of margarine for the same amount of olive oil might trim the risk of death from dementia by up to 14%.The findings were being presented Monday at the annual meeting of the American Society for...

Here's 8 Habits That Could Lengthen Your Life

24 July 2023
Here`s 8 Habits That Could Lengthen Your LifeMONDAY, July 24, 2023 (HealthDay News) -- Eight healthy habits could add years to your life.A new study of more than 700,000 U.S. veterans breaks down the habits that when adopted by middle age, can help someone live substantially longer than folks who don’t have these habits.These are the big eight:Be physically active.Don't smoke.Don't get addicted to opioids.Don't binge-drink on a regular basis.Eat a healthy diet.Manage stress.Practice good sleep habits.Maintain positive social relationships.The study found that men with all those habits at age 40 could live an average of 24 years longer than men who have none of them. Women could gain an additional 21 years compared to their peers who have none of these habits.The findings will be presented Monday at a meeting of the American...

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