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'Long COVID' Symptoms Rare in Kids: Study

`Long COVID` Symptoms Rare in Kids: StudyTHURSDAY, Aug. 5, 2021 (HealthDay News) -- As doctors see more kids with COVID-19, some positive news has emerged: Only about 4% of children and teens have long-lasting COVID symptoms, a British study finds.The study confirms that COVID-19 tends to be a mild illness in children and that they usually recover quickly, the researchers reported Aug. 3 in The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health."It is reassuring that the number of children experiencing long-lasting symptoms of COVID-19 is low. Nevertheless, a small number of children do experience long illness with COVID-19, and our study validates the experiences of these children and their families," lead author Emma Duncan said in a journal news release. She's a professor at King's College London.Some adults have extended illness after...

Women Can Dance Themselves to Better Health After Menopause

4 August 2021
Women Can Dance Themselves to Better Health After MenopauseWEDNESDAY, Aug. 4, 2021 (HealthDay News) -- Better health and self-image might just be a samba or some funky moves away.That's true for postmenopausal women who, a new study says, can dance their way to better physical and emotional health."In addition to the positive effects on physical, metabolic and mental health aspects, dance promotes a moment of leisure, fun, socialization, self-knowledge and many other benefits," said Camila Buonani da Silva, from the department of physical education at Sao Paulo State University-UNESP in Brazil.The small study had 36 postmenopausal women with a mean age of 57 dance three times a week for 90 minutes each time. They did this for 16 weeks, engaging in dances as varied as axé, samba, funk, sertanejo and Zumba.Researchers analyzed their body...

HRT Could Raise Odds for Asthma

3 August 2021
HRT Could Raise Odds for AsthmaTUESDAY, Aug. 3, 2021 (HealthDay News) -- Millions of women who take hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to ease their transition through menopause may be unknowingly upping their risk for asthma.The concern follows a study that spent more than two decades tracking a potential link between HRT and late-onset asthma among roughly 380,000 Danish women.Two New York City physicians who were not involved in the study said the finding of a possible link between HRT and asthma risk had not previously been on their radar. While most clinicians and many patients are aware HRT can increase the risk of heart attack and breast cancer, ob-gyn Dr. Jennifer Wu predicted many will be surprised by the new findings."It is not well known amongst clinicians that a possible side effect of HRT is new-onset...

AHA News: Protecting Children's Mental Health as They...

3 August 2021
AHA News: Protecting Children`s Mental Health as They Head Back to SchoolTUESDAY, Aug. 3, 2021 (American Heart Association News) -- At-home schooling was no vacation for Francis Huang and her 11-year-old daughter, Cheyenne Kuo.The COVID-19 pandemic thrust remote learning upon their family in spring 2020. With it came the stresses now familiar to millions of families. "I think the whole year, we just tried to survive," said Huang, who lives in suburban Dallas.In August, they finally leave all that behind, when Cheyenne starts sixth grade in person. But this year, that means a whole new set of stresses. Cheyenne feels both excitement and worry. "I think I'm half and half."Experts say heading back to school will be anything but routine this year. Which means parents and teachers will need to take extra steps to protect children's mental health."There is...

No Sign COVID Raises Odds for Preterm Delivery, Stillbirths

3 August 2021
No Sign COVID Raises Odds for Preterm Delivery, Stillbirths TUESDAY, Aug. 3, 2021 (HealthDay News) -- In a sign that the pandemic may have spared pregnant women and their newborns, a new Canadian study suggests there was no increase in preterm births or stillbirths during the first year of the pandemic. Some studies found preterm birth rates in countries such as the Netherlands, Ireland and the United States fell during the pandemic, while there were increases in stillbirths and variability in preterm birth rates in the United Kingdom, Italy, India and other nations. However, most of those studies were small, the researchers noted. To get a clearer picture, the team analyzed births in the province of Ontario from 2002 to 2019, and during the pandemic (January to December 2020). "We found no unusual changes in rates of preterm birth or...

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